Negro Affirmative Action Now and Forever

Pamela Denise Long
3 min readJun 22, 2023

Should middle class Negroes/Freedmen be ineligible for lineage setasides?


Affirmative action of the 1960’s was designed to be a reparatory policy for Negroes/descendants of U.S. slaves for the nearly 20+ generations of wealth extraction, exclusion from education, exclusion from hiring, under payment, slavery and its effects, unconstitutional Jim Crow and the federal government’s lax (read absent/negligent) implementation of Negro/DOS rights AND protections.

The federal government allowed Confederates and other anti-Negro bigots to run wild and subvert the post-civil war Constitution of these united states.

That subversion didn’t happen to all people.

It happened to colored people … colored people being American Negroes, specifically.

That subversion of the constitution was about the people who were harmed by the lineage of slavery which includes Jim Crow through today!

Not “BIPOC,” not “POC,” not “poor people.”

Affirmative action is about a specific constitutionally protected class of people: The Freedmen (see the post-civil war constitutional amendments 13, 14, 15 and the civil rights acts of the 1860's).

Freedmen are the Negro men, women, children, and their descendants who were emancipated by the civil war and granted Reconstruction to repair the harms of the previous generations of slavery and wealth extraction.

The Freedmen protected class status is Forever.

You cannot subtract the stolen contributions of Freedmen from development of the United States itself, therefore, the obligations (read injuries and extractions) that affirmative actions are designed to repair are Forever.

Those obligations cannot be obstructed based on current socioeconomic class just because SOME Freedmen have finally gained income in the nation we’ve built and been the human rights engine for.

The whole point of reparation and reconstruction was to give back the economic, political and educational VALUE they were deprived of for generations and hundreds of years. That’s bigger than mere opportunity to compete. It’s a return of what was extracted from…



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