Donald Trump (45) Gets It! Post-Civil War 14th Amendment Birthright Citizenship Is Not Intended As An Immigration Giveaway

Pamela Denise Long
9 min readJun 4
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Former President Donald J. Trump broke the internet last week following his announcement about suspending 14th amendment birthright citizenship for illegal aliens.

I love to see it! But Leftist global citizens are offended by the very idea of nation states and the fact that for citizenship to mean anything, it cannot be given away like a door prize. In stark contrast to liberals, the descendants of U.S. slaves largely support President Trump’s overall goal of immigration restriction. More than that, we want to curb all misapplications of the five clauses of the post-civil war 14th amendment plus eliminate the various magnets that fuel mass immigration including hiring of illegals and the grift of wrongly conferred citizenship at birth. We support abolishing the practice of allowing the baby of a foreigner to become a U.S. citizen just because it was birthed within the U.S. borders. We also see the 14th amendment’s birthright citizenship clause as the Radical Republican’s effort to clarify the citizenship status and personhood/peoplehood of freed slaves, free Negroes (who weren’t enslaved at the time of emancipation), and the descendants of the same.

Let’s start at the beginning.

The 14th amendment and its five clauses were ratified to protect the interests of the four million freed U.S. slaves, free Negroes, and their progeny — the now 40 million descendants of slaves/Freedmen. Yet, in service to their own biases, liberals and conservatives deny that the post-civil war 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments were not just about Freedmen but were designed for Freedmen and the descendants of U.S. slaves. They’re wrong.

In publicly available minutes of congressional debates surrounding the post-civil war constitutional amendments, one can see that the framers of the Constitution aimed to expressly attend to the Black people (emancipated U.S. slaves and free Negroes) who were freed from the…

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