“Global Citizenship” Is A Trojan Horse for the West

Pamela Denise Long
6 min readOct 25, 2022

What happens when nation states no longer matter?

Those who forget the past may be doomed to repeat it.

Western democracies are experiencing a crisis of conscience about their responsibility to self-proclaimed refugees and asylum seekers. In Europe, this struggle is playing out in the five year long border crisis in Greece and the backlash Britain’s interior minister received for acknowledging that the country’s workforce has too many low skilled immigrant workers and foreign students. In the United States, the Biden administration has let in five million illegals during its first two years in office. In all instances, reasonably compassionate citizens have advocated for a measured inclusion of some migrants without hurting ourselves. And, in the U.S., we are hurting ourselves by displacing citizens in key industries and the fact that 63% of noncitizen households receive social welfare. Business interests looking for cheap labor and well-meaning liberals have forgotten that western nations exist to serve and protect their current citizens, first and foremost. But these self-styled “global citizens” claim we are first and foremost political members of the planet.

“Global citizenship” merely sounds humane; it is martyrdom by another name.

They allege xenophobia when white Americans and descendants of U.S. slaves note that we are obliged to preserve our culture, maintain political power within our homeland, and honor a greater allegiance to our own countrymen. Of course, the concept of “global citizenship” is an unnecessary virtue signal. After all, political power and representation are anchored in the boundaries of a nation not the globe. The issue of citizenship is not an issue of racism nor isolationism; it’s about stability of our nation state. When we see ourselves first and foremost as political members of the planet, we give away control of our resources, erase the security of our borders, and therefore sacrifice the future of our countrymen. To make it plain “global citizenship” merely sounds humane; it is martyrdom by another name.

The harms of borderless “global citizenship” is made clear as municipalities around the U.S. struggle with the havoc created by sanctuary cities. Sanctuary cities are those municipalities that choose to not cooperate with national immigration laws…

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