In Pursuit of a “Post-America” Reality

Pamela Denise Long
6 min readFeb 7, 2022

The Far Left & Far Right Usher in a “Post-National” American Nightmare

In January 2022, Congressional Democrats saw an up to 15% decline in ratings of Black American satisfaction with their performance. To recapture voter loyalty, Liberals want Black Americans to believe the Union is on fire, with the cry that citizens’ voting rights are in imminent danger. The Union is under attack but not because Senators Manchin [D-WV] & Sinema [D-AZ] preserved the filibuster and neutralized an early 2022 push to pass the Freedom to Vote Act. Instead, the Union is ablaze because Black Americans are waking up to how Liberals have undermined the power of citizenship and have stolen the descendant of slaves’ (Freedmen) legacy for the Left’s “diversity” campaigns. Black America’s dissatisfaction with the Left is fueled by a refusal to quietly wait for the Biden-Harris administration to “have Black America’s back.” In so doing, Black America is resisting liberals’ push for a “post-national” America.

Multigenerational America better hurry up and join the choir

Descendants of slaves are beating back Liberals’ expectation that the majority of Black Americans will champion policies like open borders — policies which descendants of slaves see as a dereliction of duty that creates a post-national America where the citizenship rights that our ancestors were killed for are now handed out like door prizes. Descendants of slaves are calling out the Left’s ritual use of ambiguous terms like “people of color” — an appropriation of the dated expression “colored people” used for descendants of slaves. Descendants are refusing to cosign the wedging of “minority” (whatever that means) into economic practices and set asides.

The continuity of the U.S. is forever linked to the outcomes of the 35–50+ million descendants of slaves who have invested 3 to 20+ generations into perfecting the American Dream. Those who stand to win from open borders and identity wordsmithing have tried to move on from the sabotage of equity earned by multigenerational Black Americans and even attempt to derail the careers of Black folks who self-advocate. Under scrutiny, the Left’s agenda looks evermore like communist-like uniformity of thought and one-sided internationalism, at the expense of the unity and posterity of multigenerational…

Pamela Denise Long

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