The Fiscal and Patriotic Case for Reparations to American Freedmen

Pamela Denise Long
3 min readJul 11, 2022

The fiscal case + patriotic case for reparations to American Freedmen is astounding! American Freedmen are those multigenerational Americans who descend from the 4 million people emancipated via America’s Civil War. Those people are the descendants of U.S. slaves.

First, let’s be clear that #Reparations to American Freedmen were promised by the federal government & was not fully delivered due to gov’t takeover by Confederates, plus others….

Since foreigners, 1–3rd generation immigrants, and even multigenerational American citizens have something to say against Reparations to American Freedmen, let’s talk about it…

Black Americans are most likely to be fired for nonsensical reasons and not hired in the first place due to name discrimination and general anti-Black American bias. This includes ALL hiring managers (white, Asian, Black immigrant, etc.)…ALL, EXCEPT Black American leaders.

A white convict is more likely to be hired than a Black man with a degree!

At the same time, the U.S. funnels Black men & boys into prisons with disproportionate enforcement for PETTY “crimes”…like weed possession and/or trumped-up charges & forced plea deals/forced confessions.


Black students are pushed out of STEM careers due to higher punishment for the same OR LESS SEVERE incidents.

U.S. divested from Black neighborhoods which lowered property values &, thus, lowers foundation formula calculations for school funding.

This all contributes to poverty, policing, poor child outcomes, adult trauma from harmful & repeatedly negative interactions in institutions & with authorities.

That trauma continues a cycle of harm and deprivation.

That social, psychological & economic harm from institutions & authorities has continued for multiple generations of American Freedmen.

Reparations to Freedmen/descendants of slaves is not just for chattel slavery — a sick institution in & of itself. The repair is for the continued harm of discrimination & neglect that is practiced to this day — despite law.



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