The U.S. Supreme Court Must Return Affirmative Action to the Descendants of U.S. Slaves, Only

Pamela Denise Long
12 min readApr 16, 2023

UNC and Harvard (plus All) Should Implement Affirmative Action Harder, Faster, and More

The Original Intent of Affirmative Action Must Be Reinvigorated

Some members of academia are making a real hullabaloo about “racial preferences” in college admissions. But it’s not just college, businesses are also called to task for ensuring viewpoint diversity in their board rooms and employment rolls. And they should be!

Universities have not supported “equitable enrollment” and achievement.

Businesses have fallen short too.

And that’s because today’s Affirmative Action is a perversion of the cultural battles that led to the presidential edicts that became “Affirmative Action.”

To be clear, I’m not against preferential treatment, in some instances. I’m not ashamed of being an “Affirmative Action hire/admission” nor “the beneficiary of preferential treatment.” Quite the contrary, I want and will accept all the apologies from all the institutions and stakeholders that enabled the need for Affirmative Action in the first place.

In this piece, I argue that Affirmative Action should be returned to American Negroes/Descendants of U.S. Slaves, only.

Affirmative Action is a corrective.

Affirmative Action is correction done with urgency.

The original Affirmative Action finally focused on results, rather than just pretty promises written on paper.

Opposing Affirmative Action Is Morally Reprehensible

Surely, I’m not alone in noticing that the impulse to turn “Affirmative Action” into a four-letter word strikes the same chord as how people turned “black” into a derogatory. Opposing Affirmative Action is worse than name calling. After all, no other people group in this country has had to pull themselves up by non-existent bootstraps again and again. There should be correction and repair for that.

So, HOW does one in good conscience twist the mundanity of an apology into an insult?

WHO drives the movements to pervert a relational and economic repair effort?



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