White “Thriver-Guilt” is a BIG Problem

Pamela Denise Long
3 min readJan 25

Guilt fuels this generation’s “anything goes” DEIA

It’s often said that the political pendulum swings in extremes. We’re certainly seeing that extreme swing in the most recent version of “diversity, equity, inclusion, and antiracism” (DEIA). This generation’s version of DEIA is an “anything goes” initiative. It is destroying us all.

And, yes, it’s white people’s fault.

I know…I know…we blame “white people” for a lot of the ill in the world. We blame white people because of the historical impact of European colonization, the horrors of chattel slavery, and ongoing anti-Black American racism. All these institutions are disgusting. All those practices have caused real and measurable harm. White people will need to accept those stains on “white history.”

But now white people have gone to the extreme of converting “equity” and “equality” into a poisonous narrative that “all things must be accepted.”

We need you to find balance.

Under this new DEIA regime, the pendulum has swung to the side where nothing has sacred space. Not women. Not children. Not nation states. Not descendants of U.S. slaves.


Everything outside the norm must be treated the same. It’s a BIG problem!

And, yes, it’s white people’s fault…

Black Americans are not able to force all things to be equal…after all, we’re still fighting for our equity as everyone else leverages OUR legacy for their “want to dos.”

The political pendulum swings in extremes when leadership fails to lead…

This current version of DEIA is the result of a quest for purpose and white people wanting to distance themselves from the guilt of thriving at the expense of those who were colonized, enslaved, and racially discriminated against. It’s thrivers’ guilt. And it’s not helpful.

To borrow from an age-old bit of wisdom, guilt-riddled people can’t light themselves on fire without burning down the house for the rest of us! In their quest for forgiveness/absolution, they’ll destroy the equity due to women, children, and descendants of U.S. slaves.

Pamela Denise Long

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